**Tickets for this film are available at “Shorts Competition 2018 Block 3” – please search there for screening times and tickets.**

Ann, an overweight Thai-American teen dreads her impending arranged engagement. She runs away to attend the local cosplay con at her favorite comic book store. Along the way she battles her insecurity and villainous school bullies in preparation for the final battle against her most powerful nemesis -- her mother.

Director(s): Christine T. Berg

Writer(s): Christine T. Berg and Simon Shterenberg

Producer(s): Drew Diamond

Editor(s): Amy Reynolds Reed

Cinematographer(s): Jon Keng

Production Designer(s): Monah Xuto

Music Composer(s): Robert Lydecker

Vera Charoenying (Ann/Wonder Buffalo), Atif Hashwi (Shahan/The Ninja), Katherine Kampko (Wonder Chick)