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WOMEN LIKE US — Features the story of three women as they take an incredible journey across the United States and Kenya, engaging with powerful women leaders who are confronting social injustices by advocating for and equipping women with tools to create positive change in such areas as sex trafficking, female genital mutilation, depression, teen suicide, women’s access to education, homelessness, and more.

Produced by Dream on Productions, a female-driven production company established in 2004 by international filmmaker, television host and entrepreneur, Sally Colón-Petree, Women Like Us presents a thought-provoking call to action for women everywhere to join forces through the innate power women possess of compassion, courage and communication. Also, featuring actress/comedian, Sherri Shepherd, award winning journalist, Catt Sadler and music by Grammy nominated artist, MOBY.

Power comes in many forms, but none more powerful than when women join together to make a difference in the world.

Director(s): Sally Colón-Petree

Writer(s): Sally Colón-Petree & Gabriel Sabloff

Producer(s): Sally Colón-Petree, Catt Sadler, Mark Gould & Angela Palmieri

Editor(s): Gabriel Sabloff

Cinematographer(s): Gabriel Sabloff, Rebecca Carpenter

Music Composer(s): Will Musser

Catt Sadler, Sally Colon-Petree, Joyce Giraud, Sherri Shepherd