Wednesday May 2nd - 1:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Marvel Experience at Skylight 3

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Saturday May 5th - 3:45 PM - 5:45 PM
Walmart Museum World Room

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When They Awake is a vibrant celebration of a remarkable generation of Indigenous musicians across North America, at a watershed moment of social, cultural, and political resurgence. Picking up the story where 'Rumble' left it, and with intimate access to key players, from Nunavut throat-singer Tanya Tagaq to EDM outfit A Tribe Called Red, and from legendary songstress-activist Buffy Sainte-Marie to uncompromising singer-songwriter Iskwe, When They Awake is an empowering sonic engine about a musical and social revolution happening right before our eyes.

Director(s): P.J. Marcellino and Hermon Farahi

Writer(s): P.J. Marcellino

Producer(s): P.J. Marcellino

Editor(s): Hermon Farahi

Cinematographer(s): Hermon Farahi

Production Designer(s): n/a

Music Composer(s): Keith Milgaten

Tanya Tagaq, Leela Gilday, Leanne Goose, Iskwe, A Tribe Called Red, The Jerry Cans, Don Amero, Wab Kinew, Logan Staats