**Tickets for this film are available at “Episodic Competition 2018 Block 1” – please search there for screening times and tickets.**

A funny glimpse into the world of women and men who perform as women. Web-series Whatta Lark follows childless children’s book author Megan Revere when she is forced to choose “will I or won’t I have kids” and turns to drag queen Whatta Lark for advice.

Director(s): America Young

Writer(s): Danielle Evenson

Producer(s): Tara Platt, Allison Vanore, Yuri Lowenthal

Editor(s): Aimee Durrant

Cinematographer(s): Raphe Wolfgang

Production Designer(s): Katie Moest

Music Composer(s): Rob Gokee

Tara Platt (Megan Revere), Christopher Graham (Whatta Lark), Charlie Patton (Amy), Tanya Ihnen (Elisa), Deepti Gupta (Publisher), Jonathan Reinhart (Gemma Stone), Yuri Lowenthal (Dave), Jesse Lewis (Tina Turnher), Antonio Yee (Trixie Barbie Wire), Dove Me