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Joy (Charlene deGuzman) has a huge gaping hole in her soul. She tries to fill it with romance and sex, but what she's got is never enough; she always needs more. She's used to crashing and burning -- that is until she ends up losing not only her latest boyfriend, but also her job and home.

Realizing she has a problem, Joy decides to get some help. She enrolls in a 12-step program for sex and love addiction where she finds support in fellow recovering addict Maddie (Melissa Leo). Though initially reluctant, Maddie eventually agrees to become Joy's sponsor. She also offers up her grandmother's guesthouse as a temporary place for Joy to live; if, and only if, Joy will promise to go 30 days without sex and romance.

Staying sober is a tall order when you're unemployed and lonely. But when Joy finds a drum kit that belongs to Maddie's reclusive brother Jim (John Hawkes), things start looking up.

Director(s): Suzi Yoonessi

Writer(s): Charlene deGuzman, Sarah Adina Smith & Mark Duplass

Producer(s): Executive Producers: Suzi Yoonessi Mark Duplass Jay Duplass; Producer: Jen Roskind; Co-Producer: Louise Shore

Editor(s): Kristina Davies

Cinematographer(s): Moira Morel

Production Designer(s): Nino Alicea

Music Composer(s): Christopher French

Charlene deGuzman (JOY), John Hawkes (JIM), Paul James (BEN), Ellen Geer (NANA), Melissa Leo (MADDIE)