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Threads is an episodic anthology that sews connections that cross age, class, and race through the clothing that's exchanged in New York City thrift stores. Each episode tracks a new piece of clothing and the people who've worn it at different times, revealing the fabric we all share.

Episode one tracks the hat of an iconic cartoon as it passes hands between the voice of the character and an immigrant mother trying to find her voice in America.

Episode two tracks a hijab as it passes between a Muslim Woman exploring what it means to be seen and a fifty-year-old mogul figuring out how much of herself to reveal at her second bachelorette party

Director(s): Jeremy Redleaf

Writer(s): Jeremy Redleaf

Producer(s): Courtney Ulrich, Jahna Ferron Smith, Alex Rubin, Jeremy Redleaf

Editor(s): Jeremy Redleaf

Cinematographer(s): Trevor Peckham

Tommy Lyons (Lloyd), Myrna Cabello (Marta), Rosa Isabella (Melanie)