Friday May 4th - 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
The AMC Theatre at 21C

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Izzy Klein (Madelyn Deutch) has (barely) graduated from college, broken up (sorta) with her boyfriend, and is stranded in New York City with a bad case of pre-real-world millennial-itis.
Unsure of what the future holds, her movie star little sister, Sabrina (Zoey Deutch), convinces her to move back home to Los Angeles and into her shared apartment with actor boyfriend, Sebastian (Avan Jogia), where they can keep an eye on rudderless Izzy. Emotionally unable to deal with the loss of her father, and slightly distracted by her mother Deb’s (Lea Thompson) newfound love affair with loopy yogi Amethyst (Melissa Bologna), Izzy funnels her energy into dating a colorful bouquet of five complicated and spectacular men over the course of the next year.
Coping (hardly) with the help of her trusty notebook, she falls in and out of some not so romantic romances, and figures out that when it totally feels like the end of your story, it’s often just the beginning.

Director(s): Lea Thompson

Writer(s): Madelyn Deutch

Producer(s): Damiano Tucci, Daniel Roth, Howard Deutch, Gordon Gilbertson

Madelyn Deutch, Zoey Deutch, Melissa Bolona, Lea Thompson, Avan Jogia, Nicholas Braun, Brandon T. Jackson, Cameron Monaghan, Zack Roerig, Jesse Bradford