Hard-edged Aunt Frances, and Claire, her niece with Down syndrome, are two vagabond women confronting life’s harsh realities. While Claire pursues her seemingly simple dreams, Frances discovers that their challenging lifestyle on a rundown riverboat is about to be further tested. Features Jamie Brewer (AMERICAN HORROR STORY), Bruce Bohne (FARGO), and Jen Blagen (DRAGONFLY).

Director(s): Gayle Knutson

Writer(s): Wenonah Wilms

Producer(s): Gayle Knutson

Editor(s): Lindy Pieper Wilson

Cinematographer(s): Greg Stiever

Production Designer(s): Alissa Jean Cecilia Gold

Music Composer(s): Tom Hambleton & Paul Hartwig

Jamie Brewer (Claire), Bruce Bohne (Charlie), Jen Blagen (Aunt Frances), Dora Dolphon (Jessica), Isadora Swann (Amanda), Blake Miller (Pip)