Friday May 4th - 9:30 PM - 11:30 PM
The AMC Theatre at 21C

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Based on Fox’s own true story, THE TALE follows Jennifer (Laura Dern) as she faces life-altering questions when a short story she wrote at thirteen forces her to re-examine her first sexual experience ––and the stories we tell ourselves in order to survive.

Director(s): Jennifer Fox

Writer(s): Jennifer Fox

Producer(s): Jennifer Fox, Oren Moverman, Laura Rister, Mynette Louie, Simone Pero, Lawrence Inglee, Sol Bondy, Regina Scully, Lynda Weinman, Reka Posta

Editor(s): Alex Hall; Gary Levy, ACE; Anne Fabini

Cinematographer(s): Denis Lenoir, ASC; Ivan Strasburg, BSC

Music Composer(s): Ariel Marx

Laura Dern (Jennifer), Isabelle Nélisse (Jenny), Elizabeth Debicki (Mrs. G), Jason Ritter (Bill), Frances Conroy (Mrs. G), John Heard (Bill), with Common (Martin) and Ellen Burstyn (Nettie)