**Tickets for this film are available at “Shorts Competition 2018 Block 2” – please search there for screening times and tickets.**

The Matchmaker is a funny and poignant short film that follows Sam and his mother Flora as she moves into her new retirement home (in the Independent Section, she’ll have you know). Sam is worried that his mom may succumb to Alzheimer’s disease, so to help keep her mind sharp he tries to find her a best friend who will talk about important things like poetry, and literature, and whether George Clooney is even good enough for Amal. Sam becomes a sort of eHarmony anti-Alzheimer’s matchmaker with sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, and definitely surprising results. The Matchmaker celebrates the unique and vibrant atmosphere of the retirement community while conveying a sharp edge and hopeful ending.

Director(s): Leonora Pitts

Writer(s): Sy Rosen

Producer(s): Jesse Einstein, David Fickas, Sy Rosen

Editor(s): Brice Beckham, David Fickas

Cinematographer(s): Mike Kellogg

Production Designer(s): Keseh Morgan

Music Composer(s): Nick Pierone

Rhea Perlman (Irene), Barbara Bain (Sarah), Robert Romanus (Sam), Bryna Weiss (Flora), Annie Korzen (Mindy)