When a woman experiences a miscarriage, she arrives at her grandmother's door seeking a witness to her profound grief. As the two women struggle to find their way through this devastating loss, the ancient power of sisterhood is revealed in the sacred bond they share. Inspired by untold stories often endured alone in silence, “The Great Unknown” offers a deep questioning of, and eventual surrender to, the vast mysteries of life.

Director(s): Anna Jones

Writer(s): Desirée Matthews

Producer(s): Desirée Matthews, Julia Kennelly, Karine Benzaria

Editor(s): Lindsay Seyffert

Cinematographer(s): Daisy Zhou

Production Designer(s): Olà Maslik

Music Composer(s): Jen O'Connor & Eric Krans- The Parlor

Olympia Dukakis (Older Woman) Desirée Matthews (Woman)