When forced to return to her prison of a home, fearless Maggie is given the chance to confront her violators--her family. At a candlelit dinner, Maggie is the only mixed race person at the table, which brings direct attention to Maggie’s long sense of otherness as well as a reminder of what she ran away from. Deciding never to run again, Maggie makes this welcome home one to remember.

Director(s): Ryan Lacen

Writer(s): Carol Garlic

Producer(s): Maitreya Yasuda, Jackie Cruz, Anthony Baldino

Editor(s): Eric Seo

Cinematographer(s): Michael Garcia

Production Designer(s): Danielle Aziz

Music Composer(s): Moses Truzman

Jackie Cruz, Lori Petty, Karsen Liotta, Craig Horner, Michael Bricker