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Marvel Experience at Skylight 3

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Thursday May 3rd - 5:45 PM - 7:45 PM
Marvel Experience at Skylight 5

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Leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election, media bombarded Americans with sensationalist stories about the nominees, stoking fear and adversity. THE DISUNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a cinema verité documentary that explores the hearts and minds of real Americans who have placed their hopes and dreams in their anticipated future president.

Director(s): Luis Prieto

Writer(s): N/A

Producer(s): Luis Prieto, J.M. Logan, Jesse Einstein

Editor(s): Dave Boyle, Federico Conforti, Julie Garces, Gene Ivery

Cinematographer(s): Dan Chen, J.M. Logan, Luis Prieto, Daphne Qin Wu

Production Designer(s): N/A

Music Composer(s): Federico Jusid

Daryl Rembowski, Patricia Cameron, Try Cissell, Betsey Kaufman, Bonnie Bolitho, Stephen Bates, Kevin Dodson, Lori Ann Dodson, Cici Garcia, Raymond Razo