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1929 - Madeline Anderson is on her way to Chicago for a job interview when she's forced to seek refuge from a dangerous storm in an isolated country diner. There, she encounters a waitress, a drifter, and a cop, each with shifting loyalties, dark secrets, and a tragic resolution that leaves three people dead and the question of who Madeline Anderson really is and what she as after unsolved.

Director(s): Robin Wright

Writer(s): Denise Meyers

Producer(s): Robin Wright (executive producer), Nini Le Huynh (executive producer), Michael Witt (executive producer), Sharif Salama (executive producer), Cassandra McCarthy (executive producer), Rachelle Garzia (producer), Eric Goserud (Producer)

Editor(s): Alfonso Carrion

Cinematographer(s): Dave Dunlap

Production Designer(s): Andrew Fair

Music Composer(s): Chris Hayzel

Leslie Bibb, Sam Rockwell, Callie Thorne, Michael Godere, Nini Le Huynh