There is a common saying you only get to know someone if you've travelled together. So that is exactly what Philippe does. He invites four guests for a week’s holiday in a lovely country house in West-Flanders. He spends time with people who are incurably ill, physically challenged, suffering from obesity, people in poverty, LGBT's, people with different skin color, with a psychic vulnerability and people with a visual disability. He gets to know their personalities while site seeing through the countryside. And then he does what he does best: doing stand-up comedy in front of his new made friends in a venue packed with people, confronted with the same issue. Taboo is a unique mix of human interest and comedy, trying to blow some fresh air into ponderous themes, connecting people through humour.

Director(s): Kat Steppe

Writer(s): Philippe Geubels (Host)

Producer(s): Kato Maes & Tom Lenaerts

Editor(s): Jan Van der Weken

Cinematographer(s): Kris Vandegoor

Production Designer(s): NA

Music Composer(s): NA

Philippe Geubels (Host)