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SINK SANK SUNK blends live portraits, a narrative storyline, and documentary-style footage to tell the story of Cooper, a reclusive young photographer with some unresolved mommy-issues.

Mitzi (Laura Linney) is a feeler of feelings with an insatiable appetite for life. Her son Cooper (Will Seefried), is an introvert who lives a rather celibate life somewhere upstate. When Mitzi suddenly dies from a brain aneurism, Cooper returns to New York for her memorial and comes face-to-face with the finality of their antagonistic relationship.

He attempts to close the gap between them in her death, as he was unable to do during her life, by completing her latest passion project: a documentary about her synchronized swimming team. This documentary quickly shifts from focusing on the team to Mitzi herself. Cooper learns about this woman who was his mother, and encounters some unexpected truths about himself along the way.

A slew of unusual teachers (most notably the members of her swimming team “The Rockettes!”) challenge Cooper’s guardedness and invite him into the realm of human connection. Cooper’s no-nonsense big sister (Gwendolyn Ellis), Mitzi’s 72 year old gay best friend (Harvey Burgett), an irresistible film student (Keshav Moodliar), to name a few, show Cooper what it means to be a participant in life and not just a spectator.

Director(s): Will Seefried, Shariffa Ali (co-director), William Roller (co-director)

Writer(s): Will Seefried & William Roller

Producer(s): Hannes Otto, Eric Mossman, William Roller, and Will Seefried

Editor(s): Lara-Ann de Wet

Cinematographer(s): Nadine Martinez

Production Designer(s): William Roller

Music Composer(s): Andrew Orkin

Laura Linney (Mitzi), Will Seefried (Cooper), Keshav Moodliar (Rohan), Gwendolyn Ellis (Rose), KeiLyn Durrel Jones (Paul), Tia James (Jeannie)