Wednesday May 2nd - 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Walmart Museum World Room

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Friday May 4th - 3:45 PM - 5:45 PM
Walmart Museum World Room

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Shorts Competition Block 4 – Thriller

Cowboy and Indian
In an unlikely encounter in the desert, a cowboy chances upon a young Bengali bride and the two develop a dynamic where both come to realize that things should not be taken at face value.
Director(s): Sujata Day
Writer(s): Sujata Day
Main Cast: Sujata Day (Indian), Cameron Fife (Cowboy)
Running Time (in minutes): 8 min

A young Filipino mother receives a mysterious package in the middle of the night. Her curiosity unleashes a chain of events that threaten her life and her baby forever.
Director(s): Dale Fabrigar
Writer(s): Dale Fabrigar and Marc Paoletti
Main Cast: Noreen Lanie (Darna), Roczane Enriquez (Mother/voice), Isabella Magas (Mysterious Girl), James Name (baby)
Running Time (in minutes): 5 min

Laboratory Conditions
A physician investigating her missing patient uncovers an illegal experiment.
Director(s): Jocelyn Stamat
Writer(s): Terry Rossio
Main Cast: Marisa Tomei (Emma Holloway) Minnie Driver (Marjorie Cane) Paulo Costanzo (Robbins)
Running Time (in minutes): 17 min

Lunch Ladies
Two burnt out high school Lunch Ladies do whatever it bloody takes on their quest to become Johnny Depp's Personal Chefs.
Director(s): JM Logan
Writer(s): Clarissa Jacobson
Main Cast: Donna Pieroni (Seretta Burr), Mary Manofsky (LouAnne Burr), Daisy Kershaw (Alexis The Cheerleader), Chris Fickley (Principal Grossfetig)
Running Time (in minutes): 19 min

Lady M
Hell hath no fury like an older woman scorned An ageing actress summons the spirit of Lady Macbeth in order to win the part in an upcoming production.
Director(s): Tammy Riley-Smith
Writer(s): Melissa Knatchbull
Main Cast: Margot (Samantha Bond) Edith (Eleanor Bron) Cleopatra (Ann Mitchell) Eloise (Kim Vithana) Chloe (Laura Aikman) Brad (Michael Thomson) Richard (Jotham Annan)
Running Time (in minutes): 12 min

The Dark of Night
A mysterious woman with a dark secret seeks refuge from a driving storm where no one and nothing is as it seems.
Director(s): Robin Wright
Writer(s): Denise Meyers
Main Cast: Leslie Bibb, Sam Rockwell, Callie Thorne, Michael Godere, Nini Le Huynh
Running Time (in minutes): 9 min

In this dark comedy from duo Alison Becker and Kimmy Gatewood, a control freak with OCD contemplates ending her life. But she can’t do it until she gets every last detail in order.
Director(s): Kimmy Gatewood
Writer(s): Alison Becker
Main Cast: Alison Becker (Woman)
Running Time (in minutes): 15 min