Wednesday May 2nd - 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Walmart Museum World Room

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Friday May 4th - 1:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Walmart Museum World Room

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Shorts Competition Block 3 – Women Empowerment

Teeny thought it was just another routine babysitting job—until she's shocked to meet the client. As the day goes on, Teeny decides to become the woman she had no idea she always wanted to be ... until she gets caught.
Director(s): Anna Margaret Hollyman
Writer(s): Anna Margaret Hollyman
Main Cast: Anna Margaret Hollyman, Megan Ferguson, Heather Kafka, Mabel Savage, Nico Evers-Swindell, Paul Soileau, Nathalie Holmes
Running Time (in minutes): 10 min

Yours Sincerely, Lois Weber
A stylish tribute to the prolific and trailblazing American silent film director Lois Weber, told through the character of a young magazine photographer who hopes to impress her.
Director(s): Svetlana Cvetko
Writer(s): Lisa Di Trolio and David Scott Smith
Main Cast: Anne Brochet (Lois Weber) Cristina Rambaldi (The Photographer) Stina Nielsen (voice of The Photographer) Carol Monda (voice of Lois Weber)
Running Time (in minutes): 6 min

Here Now
Marla thinks that the death of her husband has sent her daughter Audrey into a dangerous psychological decline, but what if the things her daughter imagines are real?
Director(s): Rachel Feldman
Writer(s): Rachel Feldman
Main Cast: Amy Brenneman (Marla) Hana Hayes (Audrey)
Running Time (in minutes): 9 min

Wonder Buffalo
A coming of age story of a Thai American teen finding acceptance and empowerment cosplaying as her favorite superhero.
Director(s): Christine T. Berg
Writer(s): Christine T. Berg and Simon Shterenberg
Main Cast: Vera Charoenying (Ann/Wonder Buffalo), Atif Hashwi (Shahan/The Ninja), Katherine Kampko (Wonder Chick)
Running Time (in minutes): 18 min

Maggie is struggling with the aftermath of her mother’s death when her old friend Janie unexpectedly swoops in to help her process her grief.
Director(s): Megan Brotherton
Writer(s): Megan Brotherton
Main Cast: Megan Brotherton (Maggie) Elizabeth Bates (Janie)
Running Time (in minutes): 12 min

La Peluqueria
Two women with very different backgrounds are forced to come together in order to save a struggling hair salon – and their last shot at the American Dream.
Director(s): Abitha Ramachandran
Writer(s): Abitha Ramachandran
Main Cast: Jessica Limardo (Valeria), Myriam Raymond (Aamirah)
Running Time (in minutes): 15 min

For Muriel
Elaine and Helen, two ladies pushing 70, and their younger friend, Jenn, plot to rob a bank. Because none of them has ever robbed a bank, they each suggest a different movie to model their robbery on.
Director(s): Rebecca Shapiro
Writer(s): Rebecca Shapiro
Main Cast: Mindy Sterling (Helen), Concetta Tomei (Elaine), Rakefet Abergel (Jenn)
Running Time (in minutes): 14 min

Dojo Girl
A teenage girl's predominantly white peer group bullies her due to her Japanese ethnicity.
Director(s): Joy Millana
Writer(s): Anthony Chiles
Main Cast: Brandi Taylor (Yumi); Eiji Inoue (Minato / Dad); Valerie Lohman (Julia / Mean Girl); Lauren Manix (Tori / Mean Girl 2); Kaylin Zeren (Ashley / Mean Girl 3); Jessica Buda (Brenda / Julia's Mom); Cameron Duckett (Justin / Bad Boy)
Running Time (in minutes): 13 min

Moving Violation
A jilted bride finally faces the truth about her ex-fiancé after a newly-installed speed camera on her street pushes her to the edge.
Director(s): Laura Waters Hinson
Writer(s): Laura Waters Hinson
Main Cast: Milana Vayntrub (Tara), Alana Bowers (Kristen), Claire Buckingham (Amy)
Running Time (in minutes): 12 min