Wednesday May 2nd - 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Walmart Museum World Room

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Friday May 4th - 10:45 AM - 12:45 PM
Walmart Museum World Room

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Shorts Competition Block 2 – Social Responsibility

The Matchmaker
Terrified that his mother may not find the important mental stimulation he believes will stave off Alzheimer’s Disease, Sam sets out to find her the Perfect Best Friend within her new retirement community, with hilarious and poignant results.
Director(s): Leonora Pitts
Writer(s): Sy Rosen
Main Cast: Rhea Perlman (Irene), Barbara Bain (Sarah), Robert Romanus (Sam), Bryna Weiss (Flora), Annie Korzen (Mindy)
Running Time (in minutes): 11 min

Abby the Spoon Lady
North Carolina-based Abby Roach is one of a few in the world who makes a living clacking a pair of flatware together. This is her story.
Director(s): Justin Johnson
Writer(s): N/A
Main Cast: Abby Roach
Running Time (in minutes): 10 min

Mr. Connolly Has ALS
A high school principal is embraced by his community as he continues to lead the school, despite rapidly losing his ability to walk and speak due to the debilitating effects of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).
Director(s): Dan Habib
Writer(s): Dan Habib, Samuel Habib, Jody Becker
Main Cast: Gene Connolly, Patty Connolly, Samuel Habib
Running Time (in minutes): 33 min

Every year, thousands of children in the U.S. are killed or severely injured due to gun violence. In this intimate portrait, Darchel and Jacob Mohler learn to cope with the tragic loss of their daughter, Brooklynn, who was fatally shot at her best friend's home in 2013. As time passes and memories fade, the Mohlers must come to terms with their grief and find solace in each other.
Director(s): Charlie Mysak
Writer(s): Charlie Mysak
Main Cast: Darchel Mohler, Jacob Mohler
Running Time (in minutes): 12 min

Nancy Miller, a 70 year-old retiree, wakes up one day to find her anxiety medication empty. It doesn’t take long for Annie, Nancy’s anxiety in human form, to disrupt Nancy’s tranquil home. Annie’s restlessness forces Nancy to pull out all her coping tools in order to concur the next twelve hours.
Director(s): Carese Bartlett
Writer(s): Carese Bartlett
Main Cast: Mary C. Jones (Nancy), Mallory Caillaud-Jones (Annie)
Running Time (in minutes): 11 min

High school musicians from New Orleans travel to Santiago de Cuba on a cultural exchange, collaborating with their Cuban peers on a parade to celebrate President Obama's open border policy with music in the streets.
Director(s): Kira Akerman
Writer(s): Kira Akerman
Main Cast:
Running Time (in minutes): 6 min

Rikers: Innocence Lost
Rikers: Innocence Lost tells the stories of the men and women whose lives have been upended and forever changed by incarceration at New York City's infamous jail.
Director(s): Garrett Hubbard
Writer(s): Chris Jenkins
Main Cast: James Young Jr., Glenn Martin, Patrick Sands
Running Time (in minutes): 15 min

Candy Apply Red
A portrait of a sickness rendered by its haunted witness.
Ask anyone right now what they think of her. Some people remember her smile. Some people remember her laugh. Some people remember her ability to make everyone feel good about themselves. Good for them.
But all I can remember is the candy apple red. A very specific color.
Director(s): Brenna Malloy
Writer(s): Brenna Malloy
Main Cast: Lizzie Clarke (Girl), Dana Robie (Voice of Girl)
Running Time (in minutes): 4 min

Great Muy Bien
The middle-aged students of a private English school in Havana have very diverse aspirations, but all want to learn English in order to be prepared for a future of normalized relations between Cuba and The United States. During the English classes we hear about their dreams within the new Cuba that is starting appear on the horizon.
Director(s): Sheyla Pool Pástor
Writer(s): Sheyla Pool Pástor
Main Cast:
Running Time (in minutes): 15 min