In search of her family’s history, Grace, a Korean-American millennial decides to gift her grandmother a 23+me kit for her birthday. But to her surprise, her gesture is met with violent protests from the rest of her family. Fueled by this unexpected reaction, Grace secretly sends in her grandmother’s DNA and discovers a dark past that ultimately helps her connect to her heritage and roots. Search History is a fast-paced, genre-blending short comedy that explores the fantastic daydreams of a second-generation millennial in her quest for identity.

Director(s): Christina YR Jun

Writer(s): Elisa Oh

Producer(s): Jonatas Da Silva

Editor(s): Shaina Ghuraya

Cinematographer(s): Chris Vongsawat

Production Designer(s): Shange Zhang

Music Composer(s): Paul Sim

Jinny Chung (Grace Kim), Alanna Fox (Bethany), Vana Kim (Grandmother), Hitoshi Masaki (Steven Onishi), Esther Moon (Oldest auntie), Crystal Lee (Middle auntie), Fusako Shiotani (Youngest auntie), Kurt Kanazawa (Japanese man), Lisa Lee (Young-Joo)