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Rikers: Innocence Lost tells the stories of the men and women whose lives have been upended and forever changed by incarceration at New York City's infamous jail. More than just a film that describes the conditions on 'the Island', this short documentary, narrated by Olivia Wilde, gives voice to the stories of former detainees who, innocent in the eyes of the law, endured an oppressive culture of coercion and violence before ever having their day in court. Their stories, intimately told, illustrate the human toll that the jail's destructive culture has on thousands of people everyday, and the emotional scars that cause the loss of innocence -- both figurative and literal-- changing lives forever.

Director(s): Garrett Hubbard

Writer(s): Chris Jenkins

Producer(s): Chris Jenkins, Garrett Hubbard

Editor(s): Garrett Hubbard

Cinematographer(s): Garrett Hubbard

Music Composer(s): Emanuele Arnone

James Young Jr., Glenn Martin, Patrick Sands,