**Tickets for this film are available at “Episodic Competition 2018 Block 2” – please search there for screening times and tickets.**

Roan is a young woman making ends meet as a nurse in Marietta, Georgia--a rundown and struggling community where specters are as common as insects. She finds a mysterious case under her recently deceased sister’s bed containing a secret project: “the essence reaver”, a heavily modified machete constructed by her sister that will allow its wielder to interact with and potentially eliminate specters, albeit at a dangerously close range. She creates a masked persona that uses this weapon to remove specters from homes and business, gaining a reputation as a masked vigilante that’s willing to help while a very capable corporation ignores those in need.

Meanwhile, a wounded soldier seeks financial assistance to pay for the removal of a specter, his wife. After being denied, and well aware that her presence is killing him slowly, he goes to extreme measures to deal with the problem on his own, actions that transform him into an entirely different entity known as SIPHON: a being that can only survive by draining the life from people, in the most literal sense.

With SIED now tracking them both, Roan and Siphon’s paths are on a deadly collision course set to alter the world around them.

Director(s): Kholi Hicks

Writer(s): Kholi Hicks

Producer(s): Lucas Solomon

Editor(s): Kholi Hicks

Cinematographer(s): Kholi Hicks

Production Designer(s): Lauren Desantis

Tatianna Carr (ROAN), George Basil (SIED REP)