Even in this day and age it is easy to isolate ourselves and prejudge others based on gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, mental health and other factors seen as taboo by some. Normativity follows a group of women, each of whom is physically and culturally distinct, dealing with her own internal struggles and triumphs, strengths and weaknesses, and challenges presented by her environment. Despite their unique individuality, these women also have similarities and chemistry that bond them in sisterhood.

Director(s): Katie Scardino

Writer(s): Katie Scardino

Producer(s): Katie Scardino; Mike Levinsohn

Editor(s): Tommy Cramer, Mike Levinsohn

Cinematographer(s): Ethan Hoffman-Sadka, Josh Fuller, Peter Hambrecht, Mike Levinsohn

Music Composer(s): René G. Boscio

Elissa Klie (Sam); Shavonna Banks (Olivia); Katie Scardino (Melanie); Sara Shehod (Rashida); Daniel Washington (Jayden); Mary Wright (Kim)