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This is Us star Milana Vayntrub plays TARA, a tightly-wound optimist who has just been deserted by her fiancé ten days before their wedding. Meanwhile, the city erects a trigger-happy speed camera across the street from her house, which quickly becomes the unwitting lightning rod for Tara’s pent-up wrath. Convinced it’s the speed camera – and not her ex – that’s ruining her life, Tara resorts to petty vandalism and emotional desperation before finding a way to turn the device into a tool of sweet revenge. In this female-driven dark comedy, MOVING VIOLATION follows Tara on a riotous journey to discover true catharsis as an empowered, single woman.

Director(s): Laura Waters Hinson & Meredith Witte

Writer(s): Laura Waters Hinson

Producer(s): Meredith Witte

Editor(s): Jon Grover

Cinematographer(s): Patrick Meade Jones

Music Composer(s): Dan Zank

Milana Vayntrub (Tara), Alana Bowers (Kristen), Claire Buckingham (Amy), Alexandria Simota (Bethany), Joshua Greene (Chris), Reji Woods (mailman)