Two women from different races, backgrounds, and worlds who are fighting to make a living while fulfilling their dreams, needs, and ambitions, have their lives torn apart when a sexual predator decides to direct his attention their way. Monica is a rising executive in a marketing firm whose earned everything she has in life. She is programmed to handle things by the book and believes justice will come by doing things the right way but is crushed to find out just how corrupt the system can be. Christina is an undocumented Mexican immigrant running from her past trying to live out her version of the "American Dream" as a nanny to a wealthy family. When the true story of her employer unfolds, she realizes how this new dream world isn't so different than the one from which she's running away. A slave of her fears who seems resigned to her fate as the unjust world has already been programmed into her DNA. Neither of them would imagine how their fates would intertwine to provide the key to unlocking their chains of injustice.

Director(s): Valeria Vallejos

Writer(s): Valeria Vallejos

Producer(s): Jacquelyn Carr, Brett M. Reed

Editor(s): Brett M. Reed

Cinematographer(s): Jorel O'Dell

Production Designer(s): NA

Music Composer(s): Nuno Malo

Valeria Vallejos, Kathryn Romine, Regen Wilson