**Tickets for this film are available at “Shorts Competition 2018 Block 3” – please search there for screening times and tickets.**

"Maude" follows a day in the life of Teeny, a thirty-something liberal arts creative who is stuck in a spin cycle of survival jobs. When Teeny arrives to a gorgeous home for what she thinks is just another routine babysitting job, she is stunned when Priscilla, her former classmate and friend, answers the door. Once Priscilla leaves Teeny to take care of her baby,Teeny attempts to soothe the inconsolable infant with a routine spin in the stroller. But after being mistaken for Celery's Mom through a series of interactions with strangers, Teeny decides to harmlessly embrace the lie and try on Priscilla's identity for the day. What becomes the best day of her adult life comes to a screeching halt once she encounters a handsome stranger.

Director(s): Anna Margaret Hollyman

Writer(s): Anna Margaret Hollyman

Producer(s): Anna Margaret Hollyman, Bettina Barrow, Jason Klorfein

Editor(s): Don Swaynos

Cinematographer(s): Yuta Yamaguchi

Production Designer(s): Mary Hollyman

Music Composer(s): Cutis Heath

Anna Margaret Hollyman, Megan Ferguson, Heather Kafka, Mabel Savage, Nico Evers-Swindell, Paul Soileau, Nathalie Holmes