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For the past twenty years, obsessed Johnny Depp fans and fraternal twin sisters, Seretta and LouAnne Burr, have shared a miserable existence as high school lunch ladies serving up rubbery chicken parts, ammonia-treated government meat and whatever else the cash-strapped national lunch program sends their way.

This year is going to be different: The twin’s Cheesy Burger Bites recipe is the Grand Prize Winner of Johnny Depp's Cook for Kid's Charity Event!
Convinced this is their ticket out of high school hell town and that "The Depper" will hire them to be his very own Personal Chefs, their dreams are shattered after a snotty head cheerleader pushes them one step too far.

This forces the Lunch Ladies to ask themselves...

WWJD? What would Johnny do?

Director(s): JM Logan

Writer(s): Clarissa Jacobson

Producer(s): Clarissa Jacobson, Shayna Weber, Joe Bratcher, Jessica Janos, JM Logan

Editor(s): Amelia Allwarden

Cinematographer(s): Chris Ekstein

Production Designer(s): Alica & Ray Ho

Music Composer(s): Antoni M. March

Donna Pieroni (Seretta Burr), Mary Manofsky (LouAnne Burr), Daisy Kershaw (Alexis The Cheerleader), Chris Fickley (Principal Grossfetig)