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The story begins in the middle of the night as a young mother, Darna, rocks her baby to sleep on a rocking chair. After singing a brief lullaby, she places her baby into its crib and adjusts the baby surveillance camera before turning off the lights. Just then -- There is a loud pounding on the front door.

Darna carefully goes to the front door and looks through the peep-hole. No one is there. She spots something on the ground. She opens the door revealing a single, plain wrapped, box sitting on her porch. She carefully opens the screen door to take closer look. The package is weathered, beaten and covered with postage stamps from the Philippines. She picks it up and takes it inside of the house.

Darna studies the box and curiously opens it. Wrapped in banana leaves and twine, she discovers an odd, stone carved, idol with a hole through the middle of it. She assumes the package was sent from her mother in the Philippines and calls her to confirm. Her mother denies sending the package and warns her of its potential “evil” forces - not to touch it. Is it too late? Suddenly, the lights in the house begin to blink on and off. The house seems to go haywire. Her mother urgently warns her to check on her baby. Darna rushes to the baby room to find her baby safe and unharmed, sleeping in her crib.

As she embraces her baby and carries it out of the room, she reassures her mother that everything is fine. The lights in the house suddenly turn off, one-by-one finally engulfing Darna and her baby in total darkness.

Illuminated by a shaft of moonlight, Darna slowly emerges from the dark. There is something different about her. Her eyes? Yes. She has suddenly been horrifically changed forever.

Later, we jump to a brief epilogue scene of a mysterious young woman standing in front of a fireplace. As the haunting echoes of a lullaby is heard, the mysterious woman reveals the statue amongst a makeshift shrine, adorned with numerous candles and family pictures. Is this the end or just the beginning?

Director(s): Dale Fabrigar

Writer(s): Dale Fabrigar and Marc Paoletti

Producer(s): Trace De La Torre, Sheila Tejada, Dale Fabrigar

Editor(s): Dale Fabrigar

Cinematographer(s): Joe Gunawan

Production Designer(s): Angela Paviera

Music Composer(s): Brian Burns Beardsley and Joy Ngiaw

Noreen Lanie (Darna), Roczane Enriquez (Mother/voice), Isabella Magas (Mysterious Girl), James Name (baby)