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Lost In America is a feature documentary directed by a former homeless youth, Rotimi Rainwater. It follows his 4 1/2 year journey as he attempts to shine the light on youth homelessness in America. This film takes an all-encompassing look at this pandemic highlighting the issues that surround it: human trafficking, the failure of the foster care system, and the rejection of LGBT youth. Through a series of interviews with national and local organizations, as well as members of Congress and the Senate, it examines what's being done, or not being done, to address this issue.
The film also highlights the lives of these youth. Through Rotimi’s personal connection with these youth, we take an inside look at who they are and what their lives are truly like. We explore the reasons why they ended up on the streets, the issues they face, and the things they have to do to survive. These youth are not outcasts, invisible children that are meant to be forgotten. They are our future, they are our hope, and by illuminating their stories this film serves as a catalyst for change, making these youth no longer... Lost in America.

Director(s): Rotimi Rainwater

Writer(s): Rotimi Rainwater

Producer(s): Mike C. Manning, Steven Vasquez Jr., Rosario Dawson, Jewel

Editor(s): Randy White, Sean Yates

Cinematographer(s): Steven Vasquez Jr.

Production Designer(s): none

Music Composer(s): Tammy Hyler

Rosario Dawson, Jewel, Halle Berry, Sanaa Lathan, Jon Bon Jovi Rotimi Rainwater, Senator Patrick Leahy