An eager and trusting filmmaker follows a female assistant from hotel lobby to a secluded room for “a meeting” with the assistant’s boss. Were these female assistants who led Hollywood’s lambs to slaughter accomplices in the complicity machine or victims themselves?

In 2017 there was a reckoning as several men were exposed by the media as sexual predators wielding their power to assault women. Brave women shared their stories, and fingers were pointed at complicit individuals in the attacks -- some of whom were revealed to be other women.
LAMB examines the dynamics between two women, the accused and accuser, as one leads the other directly to the predator’s lair, a hotel suite. LAMB is a cautionary tale about women sacrificing women, but also considers the unrecognized victim in the complicity machine, the female assistant.

Director(s): Caroline Slaughter

Writer(s): Caroline Slaughter

Producer(s): Sara Elizabeth Timmins; Megan Messmer

Editor(s): Charlene "Charlie" Fisk

Cinematographer(s): Charlene "Charlie" Fisk

Production Designer(s): Lauren Coghlan

Music Composer(s): Kristen Baum

Kathryn Boyd (Rebecca, "The Assistant"); Tyner Rushing (Jean)