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The actress, Margot Collins, played Lady Macbeth to great acclaim in her youth. Now in her fifties, she is largely forgotten, struggling for auditions let alone parts. But when a forthcoming theatre company announces its intention to stage Macbeth, Margot is determined to land the eponymous role once more.

At the auditions it is a younger actress, Chloe, who commands the attention of the director, Richard, but he remembers Margot’s inspirational performance and agrees to hear her read. It soon becomes clear, however, that Margot has no chance of starring opposite Brad, a hot TV actor twenty years her junior - and is instead offered a part of one of the witches.

But one should never underestimate the spirit of the play to conjure black magic, to summon mishaps and mischief, nor the power of a formidable older woman to get what she wants

Director(s): Tammy Riley-Smith

Writer(s): Melissa Knatchbull

Producer(s): Karen Newman

Editor(s): Tania Clarke

Cinematographer(s): James Friend

Production Designer(s): Inma Cook

Music Composer(s): Paul Englishby

Margot (Samantha Bond) Edith (Eleanor Bron) Cleopatra (Ann Mitchell) Eloise (Kim Vithana) Chloe (Laura Aikman) Brad (Michael Thomson) Richard (Jotham Annan)