Best friends, YUSRA & RUM, attempt to enjoy a night on the town in order to celebrate Yusra’s 25th birthday. Naturally, a club/bar is their first choice... except neither of them have ever been to a club because they are both practicing Muslims. But the fun quickly ends as secrets are revealed and their friendship and loyalty is put to the test.

Director(s): Sahar Jahani

Writer(s): Sahar Jahani

Producer(s): Mariyam Mahbub, Melina Lizette, Ashim Ahuja

Editor(s): Ruben Navarro

Cinematographer(s): Bongani Mlambo

Production Designer(s): John H. Adams

Music Composer(s): Rendra Zawawi

Tess Granfield (YUSRA), Roxy Shabesteri (RUM), Maaz Ali (BARTENDER), Russell Curry (GUY AT BAR)