Bambi, a transgender youth who lives with her mother, is resentful of having to spend court-ordered time with her dad. Bambi’s father Lugo doesn’t understand that Bambi’s a girl and insists that Bambi be a boy in his home. Angry at having to present as she is not, Bambi finds an unlikely ally in Lugo’s fiancé Lucero.

Director(s): Kase Pena

Writer(s): Kase Pena

Producer(s): Diana Ward, Kimberly Han

Editor(s): Steph Zenee Perez

Cinematographer(s): Andrea Gonzalez Mereles

Production Designer(s): Luie P. Garcia

Juliana Joel (Bambi), Francisco Soto Jr. (Lugo), Luciana Faulharber (Lucero)