From the little island of big dreams comes Kemar, an inner city youth from Kingston, Jamaica, with possibly the biggest dream of all. To fly to the moon. A story that explores dreams bigger than us, what fuels them, what stands in the way of them, their ability to transport us and those around us, if they take FLIGHT.

Director(s): Kia Moses & Adrian McDonald

Writer(s): Kia Moses

Producer(s): Tashara-Lee Johnson

Editor(s): Andrew Astwood

Cinematographer(s): Gabrielle Blackwood

Production Designer(s): Rachelle Williams

Music Composer(s): Jeremy Ashbourne

Rohiem Phillips (Kemar), Jermaine Nelson (Clive), Craig Robinson (Roshane), Danielo Reid (Akeem), Akalia Golding (Shanique), Christohper McKoy (Choppa)