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Episode 3 - ANODYNE: The imaginative realities of two young women living in a bureaucratic behavioral therapy ward are empowered and affirmed through the friendship that grows between them. Anodyne is one episode of the larger series, FABLED. FABLED is an anthology television series that upends the patriarchal norms of classic fairy tales and story book characters of our youth. Each of our episodes focus on a female protagonist finding the strength to become her true self by discovering the depths of personal agency. We are telling the story of American grit that has defined the country from generation to generation through our featured and capable 'princesses'.

Director(s): Jennifer Morrison

Writer(s): Evan Jonigkeit & Matt Flanders

Producer(s): Evan Jonigkeit, Alex Gayner, Zosia Mamet, Shannon Gibson, Amy Emmerich, Stone Roberts

Editor(s): Joanna Naugle

Cinematographer(s): Matthew Schroeder

Production Designer(s): Jesika Farkas

Music Composer(s): Dan Teicher

Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Dee) Zosia Mamet (Allie) Norbert Leo-Butz (Mr. Beard) Paul Wesley (Joshua) Trace Lysette (Rose) Evan Jonigkeit (Dan)