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Episodic Competition 2018 Block 2
Recommended viewing age: 13+

UNSPEAKABLE is an episodic drama/thriller that follows a young woman in a desperate situation whose only option to avert authorities is to claim to be a girl who disappeared years ago as a child. But when the missing girl’s family welcomes the impostor home, she’s forced to keep the deception alive or face the consequences. UNSPEAKABLE is a proof of concept for a 1 hour TV drama.
Director: Milena Govich
Writer: David Cornue
Main Cast: Laura Vandervoort (Kelsi), Jeff Kober (Dylan), Colby French (Sheriff Morris), Caleb Ruminer (Trevor)
Running Time: 15:20 minutes

Root for the Villain
The superhero universe is mostly associated with larger than life heroes and villains, and their struggles to either save or destroy the world. Less common are stories set in the superhero universe dealing with the mundane struggles of average Joes and plain Janes just trying to get by. Root For The Villain is about everyday life in a world populated by individuals with superpowers, as seen through the eyes of a parole officer who has dedicated her life to rehabilitating low-level super criminals after they are released from prison.

Lana, our parole officer protagonist, is in the midst of an identity crisis. On the one hand, she is particularly well suited for her job, seeing as she has the ability to literally smell lies and bullshit. As the daughter of one of the most notorious super-villains in city history, however, she is torn between her desire to seek redemption for her father's sins and her guilt over joining the police force that was responsible for his death a decade ago. And with her idealistic endeavors constantly being stymied by a corrupt, uncaring criminal justice system, she can't help but suspect that her efforts are in vain.

As difficult as her professional struggles can be, Lana's personal life isn't much better. Though useful for her job, her human lie detector abilities are horrible for dating, and she finds it tough to relate to ordinary folks having spent her childhood in her father's secret underground lair. To make matters worse, her recently paroled super-villain uncle decides Lana's couch is the perfect place to crash while he gets his act together. Can Lana cut through the bullshit and rediscover meaning in her work, or will she succumb to the drudgery of a corrections system that couldn't care less about super-villain lost causes?
Writer/Director: Max Rissman
Main Cast: Brandi Bravo (Lana), Cary Woodworth (Theo), Adel L Morales (Esteban), Bob Jaffe (Rubber), Michael Kinkade (Glue), Corey Allen (Captain Justice), Alex Woodruff (Kristin), Paul Deo Jr (Frank), Alex Carmine (Jitters)
Running Time: 8 minutes

Reaver VS Specter
Roan is a young woman making ends meet as a nurse in marietta, georgia--a rundown and struggling community where specters are as common as insects. she finds a mysterious case under her recently deceased sister’s bed containing a secret project: “the essence reaver”, a heavily modified machete constructed by her sister that will allow its wielder to interact with and potentially eliminate specters, albeit at a dangerously close range. she creates a masked persona that uses this weapon to remove specters from homes and business, gaining a reputation as a masked vigilante that’s willing to help while a very capable corporation ignores those in need.

Meanwhile, a wounded soldier seeks financial assistance to pay for the removal of a specter, his wife. after being denied, and well aware that her presence is killing him slowly, he goes to extreme measures to deal with the problem on his own, actions that transform him into an entirely different entity known as SIPHON: a being that can only survive by draining the life from people, in the most literal sense.

With SIED now tracking them both, Roan and Siphon’s paths are on a deadly collision course set to alter the world around them.
Writer/Director: Kholi Hicks
Main Cast: Tatianna Carr (ROAN), George Basil (SIED REP)
Running Time: 13 minutes

Sink Sank Sunk
SINK SANK SUNK blends live portraits, a narrative storyline, and documentary-style footage to tell the story of Cooper, a reclusive young photographer with some unresolved mommy-issues.

Mitzi (Laura Linney) is a feeler of feelings with an insatiable appetite for life. Her son Cooper (Will Seefried), is an introvert who lives a rather celibate life somewhere upstate. When Mitzi suddenly dies from a brain aneurism, Cooper returns to New York for her memorial and comes face-to-face with the finality of their antagonistic relationship.

He attempts to close the gap between them in her death, as he was unable to do during her life, by completing her latest passion project: a documentary about her synchronized swimming team. This documentary quickly shifts from focusing on the team to Mitzi herself. Cooper learns about this woman who was his mother, and encounters some unexpected truths about himself along the way.

A slew of unusual teachers (most notably the members of her swimming team “The Rockettes!”) challenge Cooper’s guardedness and invite him into the realm of human connection. Cooper’s no-nonsense big sister (Gwendolyn Ellis), Mitzi’s 72 year old gay best friend (Harvey Burgett), an irresistible film student (Keshav Moodliar), to name a few, show Cooper what it means to be a participant in life and not just a spectator.
Directors: Will Seefried, Shariffa Ali (co-director), William Roller (co-director)
Writers: Will Seefried & William Roller
Main Cast: Laura Linney (Mitzi), Will Seefried (Cooper), Keshav Moodliar (Rohan), Gwendolyn Ellis (Rose), KeiLyn Durrel Jones (Paul), Tia James (Jeannie)
Running Time: 19:32 minutes

A mother and father struggle to maintain and protect their son’s authentic black self in a predominately white private school. It takes a frank conversation with the principal to help the father adjust to his son's new surroundings.
Directors: Keith Miller
Writers: Christopher Roy Poindexter
Main Cast: Karl Williams (Dr. P), Felecia Harrelson (Dawn Honore), Lamar Cheston (Dalton Honore), Tallie Medel (Amy)
Running Time: 11 minutes

A baby is coming! Unfortunately for Brooke and her husband, James, that baby is coming two months earlier than expected. As they head to the hospital for an induced delivery, all their plans go out the window. Their friends and family hurry to join them there making the experience even more stressful; however, after having the baby, this new family realizes just how important is to have people in your corner.
Writer/Director: Morgan Beck
Main Cast: Kerry Bishe (Brooke), Morgan Beck (Jason), Zoe Perry (Amy), Pamela Roylance (Karen), Danton Stone (Burt), Henry Watkins (Warren)
Running Time: 21 minutes