Saturday May 11th - 12:45 PM - 2:45 PM
Walmart Museum World Room

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Hysterical Women
Set in our current political and sociological climate, Hysterical Women follows Alexa- the overlooked co-founder of a music marketing firm- as she realizes that all her buddies in the office might not be such good guys.
What is the right thing to do when you find out that your longtime friend and CEO is accused of sexual assault? Alexa realizes that the answer is never black and white. The women in this office are ready for a revolution but will Alexa have the guts to do anything about it? Hysterical Women is dark comedy created by Whitney Uland & Nora Kaye.
Suggested Age: 13+

Normativity shares daily struggles, resilience, acceptance and love of a group of women and asks us to redefine "normal".
Even in this day and age it is easy to isolate ourselves and prejudge others based on gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, mental health and other factors seen as taboo by some. Normativity follows a group of women, each of whom is physically and culturally distinct, dealing with her own internal struggles and triumphs, strengths and weaknesses, and challenges presented by her environment. Despite their unique individuality, these women also have similarities and chemistry that bond them in sisterhood.
Suggested Age: All Ages

It's 1924 in Tijuana, Mexico during U.S. Prohibition. Carmen, a wildly ambitious and deviously calculating woman, manipulates her husband into launching a tequila-smuggling business that triggers a chaotic downward spiral.
The 1920s were Glory Days for Tijuana, Mexico. The thriving town was a magnet for movie stars, mobsters, dignitaries and misfits seeking an escape from the doldrums of US Prohibition. Tijuana follows French-born Carmen, a wildly intelligent, ambitious woman and wife of Tijuana’s newly-elected Chief of Police. Carmen leverages her newfound power in Mexico’s high society to launch her own tequila smuggling enterprise. It’s Macbeth meets Downton Abbey on Tequila…with a woman at the helm.
Suggested Age: 13+