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Yumi practices karate with her father in his dojo. She then leaves for school.

At lunchtime, Yumi sits by herself against the wall, eating while scribbling down cheers in a notebook. Yumi notices a group of girls from a far looking at her and mimicking karate moves. They laugh leaving Yumi feeling isolated.

In the dojo, Yumi practices for the cheerleading tryouts. She stops and stares at her reflection in the mirror doubting herself.

The next day at school, Yumi learns that she is cut from the cheerleading squad. The most popular girl in school, Julia, who happens to be also the meanest girl to Yumi, pushes Yumi in the school parking lot. In response, Yumi tries to return the physical gesture back, but the mean girl's mother stops her from starting a fight with her daughter.

Yumi is cleaning the mirrors at her father’s karate dojo. After wiping off a spot in the mirror, she looks at herself. With a look of disappointment, she stares at the image in the mirror and her mind begins to drift. Her father takes notice of Yumi analyzing herself in the mirror.

Later that evening, Yumi decides to sneak to a party wearing her deceased mother's heels. At the party, Julia picks on Yumi making Yumi leave the party upset. While leaving the party, Yumi breaks a heel off of one shoe.

Feeling depressed, Yumi sits sobbing at a nearby playground. In the distance, Yumi hears Julia cry out for help. Yumi saves Juila from being raped by a boy at the party. They go back to the dojo where Julia helps wrap up Yumi's sprained ankle. Yumi's father comforts Yumi by embracing her.

A week later, Julia visits Yumi at the dojo and gifts her with her mother's repaired heels. Julia instigates a reconciliation hug with Yumi. Juila leaves the dojo. Yumi begins to see the silver lining to her current situation. She begins to clean the dojo mirror with a happy smile.

Director(s): Joy Millana

Writer(s): Anthony Chiles

Producer(s): Joy Millana, Dave Mack, Alexis Michelle Cato

Editor(s): Joy Millana

Cinematographer(s): John Ros

Production Designer(s): Kian Johnson

Music Composer(s): Nicklaus R. Martin

Brandi Taylor (Yumi); Eiji Inoue (Minato / Dad); Valerie Lohman (Julia / Mean Girl); Lauren Manix (Tori / Mean Girl 2); Kaylin Zeren (Ashley / Mean Girl 3); Jessica Buda (Brenda / Julia's Mom); Cameron Duckett (Justin / Bad Boy)