Akash, an aspiring graffiti artist lives with his father, Sudhakar in an old building in Mumbai. Akash’s mother has recently demised. Apart from the demise of the most beloved person, Akash and his father Sudhakar has one more thing in common, stubbornness! While standing against his father's conventional approach, Akash struggles to find his creative expression in the vast liberating spaces of Mumbai.

Director(s): Sohil Vaidya

Writer(s): Sohil Vaidya

Producer(s): Sohil Vaidya

Editor(s): Sikandar Sidhu

Cinematographer(s): Heyjin Jun

Production Designer(s): Sudhir Sutar

Music Composer(s): Erick Del Aguila

Abhay Mahajan, Chittaranjan Giri