Thursday May 9th - 5:00 PM - 6:45 PM
Sony and Orville Redenbacher Outdoor Theater

Non-ticketed event.

They're beautiful, they're brilliant and they work for Charlie. This is a sexy, high-octane update of the popular hit show, Natalie (Diaz), Dylan (Barrymore) and Alex (Liu), alongside faithful lieutenant Bosley (Murray), must foil an elaborate murder-revenge plot that could not only destroy individual privacy and corporate security worldwide, but spell the end of Charlie and his Angels.

Director(s): McG

Writer(s): NA

Producer(s): Ted Field, Robert W. Cort, Larry J. Franco, Scott Kroopf, William Teitler

Cameron Diaz; Drew Barrymore; Lucy Liu; Bill Murray; Sam Rockwell; Tim Curry; Kelly Lynch