The Bentonville Film Festival’s robust Panel and Discussion Series has also swelled with two new discussions and  several special guests. Tickets are available here.

New panels include Next Gen: Real Talk About What’s on the Horizon by the Artists Who Will Take Us There.” The BFF adage “If They Can See It, They Can Be It” aims to effect change from a young age. Featuring a group of talented actors who are the face of a generation of change, inclusion, diversity, and acceptance, this panel will offer some “real talk” about what they see on the horizon in the world of film and entertainment, their hopes for change they would each like to see, and what they are actively doing themselves to help shape the industry they are in.  With Justin Prentice (“13 Reasons Why”), Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman (“UnREAL”) and Jasmin Savoy Brown (“The Leftovers”)

Children’s Programming as Seen Through a Wide-Angled Lens: Developing Kids Shows with Diversity and Inclusion in Mind,” is moderated by Kallan Kagan (“Thomas & Friends”), with Peter Gal (“Voltron”), and Bronwen O’Keefe (“Hunter Street”). This panel will explore conversations about diversity and inclusion in children’s programming development and how it has evolved and changed for the better! Kids, parents, networks and consumers are not asking, they are demanding more diverse inclusion in children’s programming to reflect the world around us more accurately. How has the development and production process changed to meet demands and what is there still left to do?

Just announced panelists include; Actor R.J. Mitte (Redefining the Term “Disability” in a World of Filmmaking, Storytelling and Beyond), TV One’s Head of Original Programming D’Angela Proctor (“Men as Allies: Being A Valuable and Effective Force Alongside Women Promoting Gender Balance”); Danny Strong (“Empire”) and ROXANNE ROXANNE casting director Jessica Daniels (“Casting in the Real World: Taking Action to Ensure Inclusiveness”); CEO/President of Lopez Negrete Alex Negrete (“Creating, Marketing, and Distributing Content for Positive Change”); VP of Alternative Programming at Adaptive Studios Courtney Parker (“A League of their Own: Remarkable change happens when Women are in the Driver’s Seat”); ESPN’s Monica Gonzalez (“How the Gamechangers Changed Their Game and Achieved Success”), and Natalie Morales (“Santa Clarita Diet”) and Stephanie Beatriz (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) (“The Time Is Now: How Leading Brands Deliver Social Impact”).