May 2-7, 2017

2017 Spotlight Films

BFF Encore Performance

Music at the Meteor

Join us each night of the 2017 Festival for a hot lineup of singer/songwriter performances at the Meteor Guitar Gallery.

Barrett Baber



A Happening of Monumental Proportions

The discovery of a dead body at an unassuming elementary school derails what was supposed to be an uneventful Career Day. As a pair of clunky administrators attempts to hide the corpse, school-parent and recent widower, Daniel Crawford, heads to work only to find himself at the center of an office conspiracy: Someone’s sabotaged the office coffee machine, and the under-caffeinated management is thirsty for blood. A few meetings (and several lies) later, Daniel’s asshole-of-a-boss turns him into a scapegoat and terminates his employment. Daniel finds himself heading to his daughter’s career day to speak about a job he no longer has. What follows is mayhem. Punches are thrown; suicides are pondered, and scandalous affairs are brought to light. By the end of the day, Daniel–along with a motley crew of characters–finds catharsis and begins to confront the grief that’s crippled him since the loss of his wife.

Painted Woman

A young woman with a dark past finds wisdom and her identity in the romance of the old west.

Like Cotton Twines, Presented by RLJ Entertainment Inc./Urban Movie Channel

Micah Brown (Jay Ellis) is an African-American volunteer who takes a teaching job in a remote Ghanaian village. There he meets Tuigi, a 14-year-old girl who is to become a slave to the gods through a practice of religious slavery called Trokosi. Locked in a battle between history, church and state, Micah is determined to give Tuigi a life outside tradition.


KRYSTAL is an ensemble comedic drama about Taylor Ogburn, a young sheltered man from the South with a strange heart condition. Because of his ailment, he can’t go to college – let alone drink or do drugs or experience life in any real way. Upon meeting the woman of his dreams – an ex-hooker-stripper-junkie-alcoholic with a sixteen year old son in a wheelchair – Taylor pretends to be in AA to try and woo her. His fabulously talented family (who perhaps actually belong in AA) not surprisingly have a thing or two to say about Taylor falling for this beguiling and unpredictable woman. Past transgressions smash head on with young love, causing complications for everyone involved but In order to have even a hint of a chance to come out the other side, Taylor must face his own demons and learn what it means to live without fear and finally become a man.

Band Aid

A couple who can’t stop fighting embark on a last-ditch effort to save their marriage: turning their fights into songs and starting a band.


In search of a lifeline for his struggling off road racing team, a man takes on a young car thief looking for a second chance, but as their world’s collide, they must struggle to forge a successful alliance. Directed by Alex Ranarivelo. Starring Kevin Dillon, DeRon Horton, Christina Moore, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Matthew Glave.

The Black Prince

The tragic yet fascinating true story about the last King of the mighty Kingdom of Punjab.


Larry has Down’s, Sophie has epilepsy, in a world that conspires to keep them apart, will love triumph?

In Search of Fellini

A shy small-town Ohio girl who loves movies but dislikes reality, discovers the delightfully bizarre films of Federico Fellini, and sets off on a strange, beautiful journey across Italy to find him.

Losing Sight of Shore

Documentary. LOSING SIGHT OF SHORE follows the extraordinary journey of four brave
women known as the Coxless Crew that set out to row the Pacific Ocean
from America to Australia unsupported. As they row over 8,000 miles
during their nine months at sea, they face extreme mental and physical
challenges they must overcome in order to go down in history. This is
a story of perseverance, friendship and the power of the human spirit.

Everyone has a Pacific to cross.


Documentary. Mully depicts the extraordinary rags-to-riches story of Charles Mully, whose meteoric rise from orphaned poverty in Kenya leads him on an unimaginable journey of selflessness.

Pray for Rain

When Emma Gardner learns of her father’s untimely death, she returns to her home town to find that the idyllic farming community of her childhood has been ravaged by drought and is now a place tormented by gangs and the ill effects of extreme poverty. She quickly figures out that her dad’s accidental death was not accidental at all and the lists of possible suspects is very long.

Pure Country: Pure Heart

When Ada and her sister Piper discover a letter about their late father, a marine who died in Iraq, they embark on a secret quest beyond their life in rural Tennessee to discover the truth about the man they never knew. As they uncover his remarkable past as a musician, the sisters find their own voice, beginning their journey as singers/songwriters.