May 2-7, 2017

A Happening of Monumental Proportions

May 5, 20178:00 pm11:00 pm

The discovery of a dead body at an unassuming elementary school derails what was supposed to be an uneventful Career Day. As a pair of clunky administrators attempts to hide the corpse, school-parent and recent widower, Daniel Crawford, heads to work only to find himself at the center of an office conspiracy: Someone’s sabotaged the office coffee machine, and the under-caffeinated management is thirsty for blood. A few meetings (and several lies) later, Daniel’s asshole-of-a-boss turns him into a scapegoat and terminates his employment. Daniel finds himself heading to his daughter’s career day to speak about a job he no longer has. What follows is mayhem. Punches are thrown; suicides are pondered, and scandalous affairs are brought to light. By the end of the day, Daniel–along with a motley crew of characters–finds catharsis and begins to confront the grief that’s crippled him since the loss of his wife.


Judy Greer


Bradley Whitford
Allison Janney
Anders Holm
Rob Riggle
John Cho
Storm Reid
Marcus Eckert
Katie Holms
Nax Faxon
and Jennifer Gardner