May 2-7, 2017

The Battle for Brandon

The Battle For Brandon tells the dramatic and compelling story of the Jayson and Lynette Gee and their son Brandon’s courageous fight against paranoid schizophrenia. This film explores the power of family and faith and will challenge viewers to persevere through life’s toughest circumstances.

Suggested Age: All Ages

Chad Bonham

Jayson Gee
Lynette Gee
Brandon Gee
Bryan Gee
Jake Luhn
Samba Johnson
Linwood Cuffee
Jason Cuffee
Tim DiPiero
Keith Tyler
Joey Holland
Pastor Matthew J. Watts
Dr. Rachel Miller
Antwaan Randle El
Dr. Roseline Okon
Dan Selle
Crystal Kershaw
Gary Waters
Larry DeSimpelare